Macao Light Rail Opens!

Blog Post: It's been 10 years in the making, but Macao Light Rapid Transit (MLRT) finally opens today! An opening ceremony was held this morning, ahead of the very first passenger train from the Taipa Ferry Terminal, which is scheduled to depart at 3.33 pm! The Taipa Line currently makes up the entirety of the network, stretching 9.3km and consisting of 11 stations that cover Macao's central residential area, old towns and popular tourist destinations in Taipa. Trains run every 5-10 minutes from 6.30am-11.15pm from Monday to Thursday, and 6.30am-11.59pm at weekends. In celebration of their first transit system, all rides will be free until the end of 2019, so now you have even more of an excuse to visit our Macanese neighbours across the way! Prices for tickets and extension plans are still yet to be announced. By Cj Villanueva.

Christmas songs we all love to hate

Christmas songs we all love to hate Overplayed, cheesy, or just straight-up cringe-worthy – if you're going to play any of these at your Christmas party we don't want to come It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Let's admit it, we’ve all been through that phase where we’re singing our hearts out to Christmas songs until they are massively overplayed and just gosh darn annoying. Once another year passes however, we’re back to loving them and singing our hearts out...until we hate them again. To honour this vicious cycle, here are some of the most loved and hated songs you're going to be listening to this Christmas. By Cj Villanueva

Best Hong Kong underground music you should be listening to

Music can serve as an escape from reality, but sometimes it may hard to find quality music to listen to, especially when you are trying to find something that is original and local. Hong Kong may have an image as a commercial hub that's more stiff than bohemian, but within the sea of grey suits and concrete buildings lies a hotbed of artists rocking out loud and proudly representing Hong Kong. By Cj Villanueva

Best retro restaurants and cafes in Hong Kong

In a city that’s always bustling with new trends and movements, things that were relevant yesterday seem to quickly fade into relics. Do you feel like old-school objects resonate more with you? No doubt, those of us that were born in the '80s, '90s or even later will always have a special place in our hearts for anything that symbolises these wonderful times. Here’s our round-up of retro-themed cafes, bars and restaurants you can find in Hong Kong to fill your old-school heart. By Cj Villanueva

Best cafés and coffee shops in Hong Kong

UPDATE LISTING: Forget the stereotypes, Hong Kong coffee culture is about more than just showing up to work 15 minutes late with a Starbucks’ latte. Despite the popularity of traditional Hongkie drinks like lai cha and yin yang, our city is home to an increasing number of coffee connoisseurs. More and more speciality cafés are popping up around town to cater to different taste buds, and not just to cater to demand for espresso and a flat white but nitro coffee and unusual brews, too.